The shoots that fill Southern Italy’s flourishing vineyards are full of sunshine. There’s all the warmth of those latitudes, including the sincerity and warm welcome of the people. In the south, food and wine is a religion.

And wines play the best part – taking the spotlight on the table. Sincere, wholesome wines, born of a maniacal attention to the vine, but also of the latest technologies used in the winery. Wines that envelop the palate in a velvet embrace, gratifying the need for flavour with its expressive tannins and an alcoholic content that is both present and well balanced.

These are the vines and the wines of Southern Italy, bottled by Ronco di Sassi and brought to your table.

Ronco di Sassi is the symbol of what the dry, yet generous and impervious, superb lands of Southern Italy can produce. Traditional vineyards with proudly native vines generate nectar that expresses all of the force of nature. An experience to be enjoyed to the full: a perception that is all about taste, passion, folklore and emotion.

Wine growing is not something you can make up as you go along: harvest after harvest, from father to son, generation to generation, respecting mother earth.


I am not only a wine, but the real southern experience

Our selection of wines

Rosso d’Italia

Ronco di Sassi

Every glass of this wine, with its full, authentic flavour, is as sunny as the best vines from Southern Italy

Primitivo Appassimento

Ronco di Sassi

Primitivo lives up to its name: it is in fact the first grape to ripen and the only variety transmits the nature of Apulia

Primitivo Riserva

Ronco di Sassi

Produced only in the best vintages in small quantities, this is an authentic Italian Southern experience.

Bianco d’italia

Ronco di Sassi

Ronco di Sassi’s only white wine is able to convey true Mediterranean excellence in its first few sips.

Grappa Riserva

Ronco di Sassi

Elegante, morbida, di colore ambrato dato dal lungo invecchiamento in piccole botti di legno.